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Sustainable Business and the Triple Bottom Line

Business is more than just generating profits. To be successful – to be resilient and thrive over the long-term – businesses must do more than generate profits for owners.

In his book, Cannibals with Forks, John Elkington coined the term “triple bottom line” to represent the idea that businesses must produce, not just profit margin, but people, or social margin and planet, or environmental margin, to be sustainable. For years, people thought profitability was the only measure of a business’s performance. In this second decade of the 21st century, growing numbers are seeking businesses that do much more: They’re demanding triple bottom line value.

Wouldn’t you agree…

…businesses ought to operate in an ethical manner, always striving to do “what’s right” for the people who work for the business; for its customers; for its suppliers, as well as for the community in which it operates?

…businesses ought to strive to minimize negative environmental impacts, thereby preserving resources, so as to ensure future generations have the same ability to live and flourish as we do in this age?

…it’s in the best interests of the business’s owners to strive to improve business operations, such that waste, and therefore costs, are minimized and profitability increased?

It’s that simple, yet many business leaders overlook this and miss the opportunity to operate businesses that offer so much more!

It’s What we Do

At What’s Next, we help businesses develop strategies that are meeting the demands of the emerging triple bottom

line market. We meet business leaders and their teams “where they are” and begin the journey toward sustainable business and triple bottom line value creation with them, one step after another.

Building a triple bottom line business begins with seeing the business as a living entity, one that is continually changing and evolving. It then moves to understanding the business as being an agent within the community and ecosystem in which it operates. From this point, it becomes a matter of envisioning where the business would like to go to become a sustainable, triple bottom line business.

What’s Next and its partners walk with businesses on the journey toward triple bottom line value creation and sustainability. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help your business meet the demands of the emerging triple bottom line market.

Pardon Our Dust

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